Monday, October 16, 2017

County Courthouse and Police Headquarters

The Bridges boys had a fun-filled day last week. They were able to learn about the judicial branch of government first hand. First, they went to the Pierce County Courthouse, a few blocks up the hill. One of the boys noted that the Seabury middle school is in the perfect location to be able to walk to all of these places, a great example of how the city really is our classroom! While there, we heard from one of the county prosecutors, John Neeb, as well as a judge, Kitty-Ann van Doornick. The boys got to sit on the jury,

take an oath to tell the truth, 

get questioned by the prosecuting attorney, 

learn how a stenographer's keyboard works, 

and sit in the judge's chair, wearing her robe and using her gavel. 

In the afternoon, we journeyed to the Tacoma Police Headquarters. There, the boys got a tour of the station, saw where incoming prisoners are held and evidence is cataloged, learned about how Tacoma can afford a bomb robots (since they cost about $300,000+!), and got to try on the armor suit for disabling bombs. 

"My favorite part in the county courthouse was being questioned about robbing a bank. I learned lawyer skills because I paid attention in the court room, taking everything the lawyer said seriously. It was cool that the judge was cool because she had a gavel. I was amazed at the police headquarters because they had cool robots that helped them find bombs." -K.D.

"My favorite part today was the bomb robot at the police headquarters because of how much it could do. I learned a lot about what the role of a judge was and how to do and work it. It was cool to know that some lawyers can be calm/nice as well. But I was amazed on how big the county courthouse was! It was cool too!" -R.L.

"My favorite part about the county courthouse was the weird type writer. I learned that the juries are in control of the case. It was cool to wear the judge's robe. I was amazed by the weight of a small bomb suit. It weighs about 70 pounds." -C.S.

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