Monday, September 18, 2017

Around town

The students began learning about government in the Bridges program.  They began by learning about the 3 branches of government, which can apply to the US federal government and to how states are run. The students also discussed how federal and state governments differ.

They learned that counties and cities are run differently. The students did some research to find out more about the county government. They learned that Pierce and King counties have a county government with a council and an executive. They then went on a walking tour through downtown to see the city and county buildings that are so close. They discovered that many of the county offices are within a block from each other and theorized as to why. They saw where the county jail and courthouses where and discovered that many law firms are in the area too. The students also learned that Tacoma is the county seat for Pierce County. Last, they created brochures for the county and its government.

After a brief tour of the area, the students played a game of "I wonder" with different buildings in the area (I wonder what that building is.). They had to lead the group to the building to discover what it was. In the process, they quickly learned more about different things in the community, including public and privately owned art installations.

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