Monday, October 29, 2018

Making Friends at Kings Books

Kings Books, a local independent book store, sponsored Seabury's book fair this year, so during one of our afternoons at the middle school, which is not too far away, we decided to walk over and have a look.

I have long been a proponent of indie booksellers like Kings. All of the members of my family, all avid readers, have bookshelves next to our beds instead of bedside tables. When traveling, the first place we seek out is the local bookstore, with it's great recommendations and local community happenings. I have spent many happy hours perusing dusty shelves and I credit  indie bookstores with helping to develop my child's voracious reading habits.

So an hour out of our day to explore some new reading interests seemed a worthwhile pursuit. The resident cats were a big hit... were many of the great books!

Thanks, Kings Books, for partnering with and supporting our community and school!

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