Monday, December 10, 2018

Superior Court Visit

We were excited for the opportunity to learn more about the judicial system this week with a visit to Superior Court Judge Kitty Ann van Doorninck and her staff.
We got to see what a court room actually looks like, and experience the view from the judge’s chair.  Some students were surprised at the size of the courtroom, expecting it to be bigger. We watched how a court reporter uses a special type of shorthand typewriter to record every word said in court, so that there is an accurate record of what occurred in case of an appeal. We sat in the chairs of the jury in the jury box and also around the conference room table in the deliberation room, and learned about how important it is for people to serve on jury duty.
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney John Neeb also came in to answer a barrage of questions about different types of cases, levels of crimes, the difference between the prosecution and the defense, and all the nuances of how a trial works. In their thank you letters, students said:
“I learned that judges aren’t always mean and {they} don’t bang their gavels a lot.”
“I learned that being on jury duty is a lot more complicated than most people think.”
“I enjoyed learning about the different people that work in the court.”
“I liked getting to sit where the lawyer would be in front of the bar.”

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